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This has been professional historian Edward E. Gordon’s mission for diverse audiences – including programs sponsored by museums, libraries, or academic institutions; groups on historic tours; or meetings of professional associations or other organizations. Ed engages audiences with fascinating stories of people’s lives, past events, and their impact on today and tomorrow. Ed’s personal insights from his teaching, research, and travels across the United States, Canada, and Europe enliven these programs. Browse our website and discover how Ed Gordon can customize a dynamic presentation on World War II, the U.S. Civil War, the American West or a variety of other historical topics that is tailored to your specific audience.


Divided on D-Day: How Conflicts and Rivalries Jeopardized the Allied Victory at Normandy by Edward E. Gordon and David Ramsay was published by Prometheus Books on September 19, 2017. It focuses on the conflicting egos, national rivalries, and professional abilities of the principal D-Day commanders who planned and executed the OVERLORD Operation and its aftermath. (Click for more information.)

Divided on D'Day

Ed Gordon is now premiering a new presentation based on the research from this book. View a detailed outline of his program.

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