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Divided on D-Day

How Conflicts & Rivalries Jeopardized the Allied Victory at Normandy
Edward E. Gordon &
David Ramsay
Publisher: Prometheus Books
September 2017
Available as Hardcover & Ebook
  • Offers a fresh perspective on the Normandy Invasion and its aftermath
  • Focuses on the conflicting egos, personal and national rivalries, and professional abilities of major Allied commanders. Contends that their lack of cooperation and bad decisions lengthened the war, increased casualties, and allowed the later Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.
  • Provides insightful answers to the many controversies surrounding the Normandy campaign.
Divided on D-Day
Divided on D-Day's coauthor is David Ramsay, the son of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay who was the naval commander-in-chief for the Normandy Invasion and who earlier directed the Dunkirk evacuation. He is the author of Lusitania Saga and Myth and 'Blinker' Hall Spymaster: The Man Who Brought America into World War I.

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Praise for Divided on D-Day

"Another Anglo-American triumph! In Divided on D-Day, Edward E. Gordon and David Ramsay storm history’s beaches and shatter lingering myths about the greatest amphibious invasion of all time. Churchill, Eisenhower, Patton, Montgomery, and the rest receive an honest appraisal by an exceptional British-American team of historians. Rich in detail, Divided on D-Day blends operational grandeur with the clashing personalities of Operation Overlord’s leaders."

—Jonathan W. Jordan, bestselling author of Brothers, Rivals, Victors and American Warlords

"This is one of the most profound what-if books written on World War II."

—Alan Axelrod, author of The Real History of World War II and Patton's Drive

"Offers an excellent synthesis and new insights not previously considered on Allied strategy and operational planning based on the personalities and interactions of the commanders who made them." Click here to read the entire review.

—Jerry D. Linaburg, New York Journal of Books

"Bold and engaging, Divided on D-Day brings renewed attention to the personalities surrounding Operation Overlord and the Allied campaigns in France and the Low Countries during World War II. With its share of heroes, including Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley, Montgomery, and the often overlooked Sir Bertram Ramsay, this book does not necessarily overturn existing historiography but highlights interpersonal conflict... A quick and lively read."

—James Villanueva, Captain, US Army

"This fast-paced and engrossing study of the Normandy campaign's major leaders illustrates how the interaction of their heavyweight personalities shaped the results. Edward E. Gordon and David Ramsay know their facts, and readers will enjoy assessing their conclusions."

—David Freeman, editor, Finest Hour, journal of the International Churchill Society

"References to the Anglo-American 'special relationship' notwithstanding, the partnership between Britain and the United States during World War II was marked by frequent disagreements, quarrels, and even occasional bitterness. Each country needed the other, of course, so the disputes never quite derailed the alliance. In this new book, two scholars—one American and one British (in fact, the son of the Allied naval commander at Normandy, Sir Bertram Ramsay)—show just how close the Allies came to fracturing. The authors' vivid portraits of the key figures in the D-Day campaign are entirely convincing."

—Craig L. Symonds, author of Neptune: The Allied Invasion of Europe and the D-Day Landings

"A meticulously researched examination of the key personalities in the Normandy campaign and their campaign highs and lows. Some readers will disagree with the authors' assessments, but with hundreds of supporting quotes from participants, the authors have provided substance and weight to their arguments. None of the Allied commanders were without flaws, and with the events seventy-three years in the past, it is time for a fresh study. Provocative and sometimes scathing, this book will create debate and reevaluation, and that can only be a positive thing."

—Paul Woodadge, Normandy tour guide and author

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